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Indian passports come with a validity of 10 years. Passports can be renewed through an online application. ...

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Indian passports are of various types and have different fees. The charges depend on factors like mode of application, type of passport, number of pages in the ...

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Track your passport application status. After submitting the passport application form at the PSK, one might have to wait for sometime while the follow-up proce...

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Passport Seva Camps are temporary passport offices to help those applicants in procuring a passport who do not have ready access to the PSKs. ...

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Applicants must keep a lot of things in mind and might have several queries. ...

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Filling the form, paying the fees and booking the appointment with a PSK can all be done through the government website. ...

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Many of us want to travel abroad and to travel abroad you need a passport. There are two categories in Indian passport which is ECR and NON ECR. ...

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What is the meaning of ecr and non ecr category in an Indian passport? How you can check your passport category? Click Here to check......




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