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When you are pregnant and a medical condition starts to arise most doctors don’t have a medication recommended for a pregnant woman....

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What are the most common birth injury types. Learn what birth injury you should look out for and how to prevent, treat, and diagnoise birth injury....

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Pregnancy is a natural, beautiful process and one of the most eagerly anticipated events in family life. ...

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Whether it's your first baby or your first time breastfeeding, breastfeeding can be hard and you may need a few breastfeeding tips and tricks to succeed....

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As time has passed, C-sections have increased in popularity, with 32% of babies delivered in the U.S. via C-section as recently as 2010....

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Having a child with a disability can be hard. Fortunatly there are SSDI options that can greatly help you and your family afford care and medical expenses....

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When your health is put in danger by the actions or inactions of a medical professional your doctor is liable for medical malpractice even as a dentist....




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