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When you buy shapewear, buy what makes you feel comfortable and fits best on you so that your body looks smoother in your clothes....

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A healthy diet in summer will help you shape up, build more energy for outdoor activities and also survive the sweltering heat....

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Served by skilled and experienced plastic surgeons, Manhattan based bodySCULPT® is sharing our patient’s scarless arm lift surgery experience....

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Following aftercare instructions diligently is crucial to achieve good results for male pectoral implant surgery and also maintain outcomes...

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As the nation gets ready to celebrate the Fourth of July, experts have issued reminders on preventing injuries and staying safe....

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Hi def VASER lipo removes fat around muscle groups in specific areas like the abdomen, chest, waist and other areas and creates a sleek physique....

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A cutting-edge, minimally-invasive procedure performed using unique ultrasound probes, hi def VASER lipo can help you achieve the body of your dreams....

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Tummy tuck surgery, can be safely performed in obese patients, with no increase in complications compared to non-obese patients, finds study....



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