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Opal is the birthstone of October, which makes it an excellent gift for those who are born in that month. It is a symbol of hope, purity, good fortune, and prot...

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Moonstone is the birthstone of June. It is famous for its blue colored shimmer moving on its surface. The more the blue shimmer of moonstone, the more valuable...

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Moonstone is from the mineral family of the feldspar group, which is why it is a soft opaque stone and can be carved in into any shape. ...

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Sterling silver has been a valuable metal since many centuries because of its luster, brilliance, shine, and durability....

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This is an extensive list of reasons why GSJ, or Gemstone Silver Jewelry is the best exclusive moonstone shop online in a world full of jewelry stores...

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Moonstone is the holy gem that holds the moon's blessings. This is a post that talks about moonstone's origin, moonstone jewelry's importance....

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Moonstone is just the perfect gemstone to wear if you want to achieve a peaceful state of mind, just like a bohemian follower. ...

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Moonstone is known as the traveler's gem around the world but there are so many more benefits that one can get from it. Let's see in detail, shall we?...



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