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If drinking tea or coffee, or eating your favorite steak from a sizzling hot plate doesn’t cause miscarriage, why would a wonder liquid like water do so?...

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Some might think weight gain needs not to be given due importance during pregnancy because that obviously what happens when you house a little growing life insi...

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Try again. Fail again. Fail better. That is the journey of most smokers who are trying to give up a bad habit for a healthier life....

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Persistently high blood pressure over prolonged periods of time can increase your risk to developing heart disease and lead to strokes...

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Everyone wishes to look young and beautiful throughout their life. Primarily so, because beauty has become the determinant of love and affection...

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Living with a chronic illness is harder than most breakups, losses and farewells. Imagine a heartbreak, and then imagine going through it everyday for the rest ...

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One of the hardest things to deal with during pregnancy are the cravings you get from time to time....

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There is no doubt that HIV diagnosis can be a devastating news for a patient. But did you know that it can be just as life-changing and life threatening for the...

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