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Nigeria, Singapore, India and Argentina are among a group of governments that are fueling inequality, according to a newly released edition of the Commitment to...

This year, Oxfam India through its various interventions reached directly to 7.68 lakh marginalised people from Dalit, Muslim, Tribal and other communities.....

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The fuzziness of film, the pictures that fade, the preciousness of printed photos, the obsolete technology—these are all nostalgia triggers - Jamie Holmes....

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Becky, a ScanCafe customer, tells about getting to know her deceased father through stories as well as a set of old slides that she recently got scanned. Visit ...

3patrickjones8972019-02-200Arts 10

ScanCafe offers the highest quality and most affordable photo scanning, slide scanning, negative scanning, video transfer, and photo restoration services....

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Domestic violence case study infographics of Bihar in 2005-06. Source: NFHS...

3patrickjones8972019-02-180News 10

Year after year the floods worsen in India, the deaths increase and more families lose their homes and livelihoods....

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Old print photos and negatives have a special cachet that comes from the fact that they are old, rare and possibly in danger of being lost if we don't act to sa...



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