Kishangarh princely state lay almost in the center of Rajputana and existed from 1611 to 1948. The chiefs of Kishangarh belonged to the Rathor clan of Rajputs. ...

Khilji history is popularly remembered for several interesting battles and events, whereas the Khilji dynasty rulers were also known for assassin and tyrants. L...

Garhwal Kingdom was ruled by Katyuri dynasty, Chand dynasty & Shah Dynasty. It became a part of the ‘Punjab Hill States Agency’ during British Raj. Discover...

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These Valentine’s Day greetings buy this beautiful banknote featuring a serial number ending with 143 (I Love You). ...

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This valentine day greeting card comes along with a note which features the numbers 143 (I Love You) at the end of its serial number. ...

In Malerkotla history the state was under political control of Jalandhar Commissioner Division Punjab during the British rule. Malerkotla nawabs were of Afghan ...

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Jodhpur state was founded by Rao Chanda after defeating the Pratiharas. It was a part of the Rajputana Agency during the British Raj. Know the interesting facts...

Dutch East India Company is considered to be first multinational corporation of the world which resulted in the formation of Dutch colonies in India. Learn in d...

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