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Give your kitchen a fresh look by installing two different quartz countertop colors. Sound intimidating? Never fear! Here are our favorite quartz duos....

7surfacesmsi2018-12-150Business 00

Selecting the right thickness of your quartz countertops is a key decision when installing new kitchen or bathroom countertops. So, which is right for you?...

6surfacesmsi2018-12-150Business 00

When it comes to the kitchen and bathroom, the color of your quartz countertops sets the mood. And we think these light quartz countertop colors top the list!...

5surfacesmsi2018-12-150Business 00

Whether you prefer traditional 3x6" subway tiles or these modern takes on the classic, subway tile creates bright, easy-to-clean walls and backsplashes....

7surfacesmsi2018-12-150Business 00

Choosing between porcelain or ceramic tile for the bedroom is difficult...both are stylish and beautiful! Here, we break it down to make your choice easy....

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