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Mr. Gisondo is a highly experienced family lawyer in Martin County. His areas of family law include divorce, child custody, Prenuptial & Alimony....

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Florida, as in many states, has for several years used the term “parental timesharing” in place of the long-used term “child custody”......

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Grant Gisondo, Esq. is quickly becoming known as, "The Family Man," with his new hit radio show airing twice a week every week....

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Looking for Alimony/Spousal Support Lawyer in West Palm Beach County. Contact experienced Family law lawyer Grant J. Gisondo for Alimony or Spousal Support in p...

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Learn, attorneys have 5 things they would like to, and sometimes do, tell their clients about understanding an attorney's position in providing legal counsel....

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Grant J. Gisondo is an experienced lawyer in family law and marital law in Palm Beach County. Contact us for a free in person consultation, Call (561) 530-4568...




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