We live in an increasingly negative world where lots of depressing things are going on. It isn’t easy to keep a positive. How can we triumph over this....

Marriage is a lifetime commitment and a wedding ring symbolizes that commitment. A wedding ring is a symbol of loyalty and union between two individuals to love...

New Year is a new beginning, and it’s a perfect time to redecorate your home with lovely faith-based stuff and home décor that illustrate your faith. Surroun...

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Bible journaling is one of the most popular tools to meditate on the Word of God, where faith and art are combined together. For the word of God is alive and po...

Christmas is the celebration of the greatest God's gift to mankind in the form of Jesus. The Christmas season is a wonderful time to spend with family, relative...

The Bible doesn’t prohibit Christians from wearing of jewelry as long as it is not taken to an extreme or overly ostentatious. Tips to appropriate wearing of ...

Journaling is one of the most awesome and effective tools to keep control of your thoughts. Bible journaling is your daily journey with God....

It is a great opportunity for parents and guardians to introduce to our little children (especially the little girls) the Bible Belles, the real superheroes of ...

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