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Mr. Elhais and his team of Arbitration Lawyers in UAE act as counsel and arbitrators in disputes and efficiently handle legal, regulatory & commercial conflicts...

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Professional Lawyer is a top law firm in Dubai that handles matters related to intellectual property. In this article, Mr. Hassan Elhais...

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In this publication, Mr. Hassan Elhais, a reputed criminal lawyer in Dubai explains the applicable limitation period for filing a cheque bounce case. Consult us...

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In legal advice column in The National newspaper, Mr.Elhais address a question from a concerned mother whose husband has recently become a heavy drinker...

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In this publication by Mr. Elhais, he had discussed about the inheritance right of the heirs and illegitimate child as per UAE laws. Read more......

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In this publication by Mr.Elhais, he has explained about the asset protection at the time of divorce and the rights of the wife in the divorce contract to have ...

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In this publication by Mr. Elhais has discussed UAE family matter, mainly based on child support. The husband has the obligation to look after the family, even ...

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Looking for choosing a right law firm for you? We are experienced law firm who efficiently handle complex litigation matters such as property, commercial and ci...

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