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Atrauman Dressings is a non-medicated tulle dressing which contains paraffin. It is used as a primary wound contact layer dressing for a wide variety of wounds,...

5woundcare2019-03-160Health 00

Mepitel Dressings is a gentle contact layer dressing used for a wide range of wounds such as skin tears & abrasions, surgical incisions, second degree burns, di...

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Opsite Flexifix is a transparent and waterproof surgical tape which can be applied easily to awkward body areas and cause minimum skin damage on removal. ...

3woundcare2019-03-140Health 00

Opt for the gentle, transparent Support Hosiery to protect your skin with Activa Class 2 Thigh Length Stockings from wound-care.co.uk....

3woundcare2019-03-120Health 00

It is a non-adherent dressing gauze like Atrauman tulle Dressing used for speedy recovery. Minor wounds like burns, wounds and ulcer need to be managed and requ...

4woundcare2019-03-020Health 00

Urgosorb Silver Dressings is an absorbent dressing made of calcium alginate fibres, Hydrocolloid and silver particles....

3woundcare2019-03-010Health 00

Mepilex Border Dressings is an all-in-one foam dressing that effectively absorbs and retains exudate and maintains a moist wound environment....

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Check out our most comprehensive range of wound care dressings from the world's leading manufacturers which are available online in a wide array of sizes....



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